The Company

In the late nineteenth century the only heating source in most of the houses was the fireplace (or "fogolàr"). Even food was cooked putting it on the fireplace through the andirons.

There was a blacksmith, Daniele Attilio Furlano, famous for his skills but even more for the great passion he had in crafting those wrought iron andirons. Actually his masterpieces were wood heating cookers, unique pieces crafted with iron and hot-worked metal sheet; built for private citizens and restaurants gave him great satisfactions.

After he died his sons kept on working on wood heating cookers made with tiles or vernished wrought iron and in the 40s three if them (Luciano, Armando and Ugo) decided to give a "name" to those masterpieces. This was how "La Fagagnese" was born, a low-cost heating cookers company in Fagagna.

Since then many years as passed as wars, crisis, technologies, varnishes but "La Fagagnese" is still here, it saw many things and also Luciano's son, Daniele, growing and becoming the current company owner. The wood heater cookers made from "La Fagagnese" are still built with ancient working methods and with the same materials that our ancestors used to obtain an high-quality well-working and long-lasting product.

The passion we use to build our cookers trying to achieve all yours desires and the satisfaction we have in see the cookers manufactured are only two of the feelings that moved us to share our story with all of you.