Our works

We make custom-tailored stoves based on personal needs, customizing structures and details with different options available. Some of them are:

  • Varnish / Inox
  • Stove height (h) on demand
  • Front or lateral fireplace
  • Recessed baseboard
  • Minimum depth (50 cm)
  • Structure edge ½ torus or torus/bird's beak moulding
  • Extended and lowered firebox
  • Forced ventilation with 2 speed switch, with thermostat or with frontal/lateral outflow
  • Increased ventilation with variable-thermostat winding fan e potential regulator
  • Rounded handles (Brass-Inox-Brass bronzed)
  • Rounded handrail (Brass-Inox-Brass bronzed) each side
  • Cast iron oven
  • Fireplace with glass
  • Arches for firewood covered inside (small or big size)
  • Lowered fire -3 / -6
  • Stainless steel firewood drawer (small or big size) with periscopic rails on bearings covered with porcelain enamel or mansonry
  • Primary airflow regulation
  • Stove on bearings
  • Stove without lateral covering (on mansonry)

Some examples

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