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La Fagagnese spare parts

  • gloves tray, oven grills and sawhorse made in cast iron
  • rounded handles section 15 (brass – inox – bronzed)
  • our kitchen's internal refractory
  • rounded hanrails section. 20 (brass – inox – bronzed)
  • telescopic guides
  • kitchen shutter joints
  • grills for fire
  • slabs and "serie cerchi"
  • glass and ceramic glass
  • kettles
  • hob spare parts of our kitchens
  • various spare parts and grill resistor
  • spare parts (tangential and winding fans, spotlights and lamps under fireplace hood)
  • smoke pipes spare parts joints, throttle valves…)
  • stoves airflow fans (2 or 3 elements tangential; winding)